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Will Sergeant: 1977 When We Were All Punks

Episode Summary

We are Chuffed to see the Bunnyman!

Episode Notes

We are chuffed to see the Bunnyman! Will just got off tour; it was 11 out of 10- weird!

People still like our band's music all these years later. Ancient history. It's just weird? Bugger all else to do so we plundered a lot of different music. Whats a wooly back? A sheep in wolf's clothing. Paul Rutherford in radical Pajamas. Band names had to be short to write on yer gasbag. Until Punk, music life was unobtainable, Punk said you don't need any of that. Will's book is a social history. It's Brilliant: Kirby = Crawley. Will explains the "Cure "photo in his book. Wills brother thought the Cure were the Bunnymen! We had identical suits, perhaps? MVCU, where Budgie was happy to spray the door. Boris makes a surprise appearance on the show! One night of madness in Crawley, like being in the trenches.

Will saw the Cure, Passions, and Associates in Liverpool Erics. All bands played Erics despite the beer swamp and low ceiling. It was a big deal when Budgie left Liverpool. Budgies gone, what are we going to do? Grist for the mill works.

The three survivors. There are plenty of casualties out there; Budgie, Lol, and Will discover that they have a Psychic commonality.


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