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Tim Burgess: Psychedelic Guru of Manchester

Episode Summary

Budgie and Lol talk to The Charlatans frontman and creator of the best Twitter listening parties around, Tim Burgess.

Episode Notes

Budgie and Lol hear about Tim's first memory of Little Jimmy Osmond at 6 years old and then Buzzcocks in 1978 at ten years old. He got let in the back door of clubs went on stage in the late 80's doing his thing and nobody has told him to get off yet. The sun came out in Manchester and everyone started dancing! Tim ended up In Los Angeles as part of his childhood fantasy. We discuss destruction-touring and making records. On  Head on the Door Lol nearly set the studio alight with model racing cars. Out of chaos Budgie makes Dear Prudence. Tim lived as the Rolling Stones making Exile on Main Street. Tim gets a editor and writes a great memoir and carried on writing. Tim gets Budgie to agree to let him use his tweets to help people affected by Covid. We tell Tim he's saved music. Good man. Later on they reveal that punk produced quite a few characters as it was such a time of social change. That's why we remember them. And if Budgie doesn't know them Lol does!


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