Curious Creatures

The Threads That Weave Through Time and The Austin, TX Bat Bridge

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie talk to E.A. Chother! With whom, we discuss: The Threads That Weave Through Time and The Austin TX Bat Bridge

Episode Notes

1st - a story about a teacher.

2nd - a magic ephemeral feeling.  

3rd - Music be the thread that weaves through time.

4th - There Was No Question - But We Found One  

5th - Lol, Robert and Micky D., loved their English teacher.

6th - Budgie performed Kes for the English class  

7th - Favourite Pub? The George for Lol - The War Room in ‘Ye Cracke’ for Budgie.

8th - Japanese Whispers - The Upstairs Room is Lol’s favourite, those beautiful London dawn mists.

9th - The gatefold poster of Lol and Robert - What’s not to Love?

10th - See Lol’s LGTB Costume in the Hall of Fame Museum. Lol’s Magician dress from The Walk?

11th - Tinderbox: London to Berlin. Favourite beat? ‘Land’s End’ - 50 ways to Kill your Lover?

12th - Surreal? Yes! Hindsight? Wonderful! Blessed to Here Where Truth is Stranger than Fiction.   



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