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The Dandy Warhols Pt. 2: Sweeping It Under The Carpet!

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie continue their conversations with The Dandy Warhols’ Courtney & Peter.

Episode Notes

All the Burning Questions….
Backwards chords and Arnold Layne? 
The Cure loved Captain Beefheart? 
Hippy music for The Dandys? 
But Not the Grateful Dead? 
From AC/DC to New Wave?

All the Questions that Burned….
A Strange Trip? 
Wire and Elastica? 
Suede and Wire? 
Who’s Who?
Are Wire the New Cure?
Reinventing The Wheel?

And Burning the Questions….
Unafraid to be Wrong? 
Genius or Gormless? 
Totally Wrong or Totally Right? 

And some Answers!
Springsteen plays everything 30 times then it’s ready! 
Lol takes 10 seconds to realize it was The Cure!
You have to be vulnerable as a musician! 
Socially Awkward makes the music work and Feel Cool! 
Acceptance is Key!

some now for something completely different….
When everyone understands that We Need people that like T. Rex!
Finding the Tribe!
Seekers or the Tweekers?
Remembering Palookaville!  
Godless Video Passion!
Crossing bridges before they Burn!
Sweep it under the carpet it’ll be Alright! 
Down the street from the rusty pig 
An orchestra that listens to Tone Loc!

Oi... Pay Attention at The Back!
No Bad Behavior!
No Sex in the Hall!
No Back up Plan! 
No Leadership!

Remembering: ‘Obscured by Clouds’ Pink Floyd - Recorded 23 February - 6 April 1972


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