Curious Creatures

Terri Nunn: Ambitious Voice of Berlin

Episode Summary

Terri Nunn (Berlin) joins Lol and Budgie to talk about the magic of music, drum machines, and more.

Episode Notes

Terri Nunn (Berlin) joins Lol and Budgie this week on Curious Creatures. Lol and Budgie discover that the journey is half the battle. The three discuss whether or not musicians have social issues, and if music is the bridge (apparently it’s good for your heart). Lol, Budgie and Terri wonder if the magic of music lasts forever. Do kids listen to and draw their own inspiration from their parents’ music now? Terri talks about having the opportunity to go back and reassure her younger self that it’s all going to be ok. Later on Lol and Budgie get into drum machines and decide they are ok - AND they’re not afraid of them! 

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