Curious Creatures

Strange Shows Pt. 1: Gangplanks and Flashlights

Episode Summary

Where Lol and Budgie swap tales of life on tour. From Florida to Finland and Texas to Tokyo these two have seen it all.

Episode Notes

In which Budgie goes to the Florida keys with the Banshees and Sioux only has a flashlight for her light show!  Sometimes the best shows are when nobody is there. Lol was scared in Denver on Halloween by Fred Munster! A misty lake in Finland never gets dark for Lol and the Cure.  Budgie feels the heat with Love and Rockets in Arizona . It's Hot, hot, hot with Lol in Texas. Those British boys abroad! From hysteria in Newcastle to perfect calm in Tokyo. Lol, and Budgie have seen it all. Gangplanks and Freud. Beatlemania and Secret security. Bring all your fans along on the Bullet train!


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