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Rachel Goswell Pt. 1: The Solitary and The Sociable

Episode Summary

In this episode Lol and Budgie talk with Rachel Goswell about – “The Solitary and The Sociable”

Episode Notes

Bits and Bobs 
Rachel’s in Devon where Lol once lived too
My flower or Mayflower? It’s a right how-do-you-do!
‘Where you to?’ is ‘What’s up!’ - like a cream tea served
The Pilgrims’ Olde English in Aspic preserved

Bobs and Books 
Log cabin moves and Festival grooves 
It was Great to be out of the Books
From Solitary to Socialising
Playing Gigs and Fraternising 
After 3 years preparing the Hooks

Books and Blackheads
Secret Messages from the studio - Bye-bye blackheads hello Budgie! 
The Banshees and The Cure got groovy with the spiral code
Horses names and Eat The Blotter – Miles Hunt wanted to be a Trucker
It’s the wrong end of the Stickshift for the Romance of The Road

Barcelona and Berlin
From Gateshead to Brazil Budgie walks in all dry places 
Lol rarely left his room now he loves, and he embraces 
Rachel’s Grateful for it all so far from sketchy pasts 
The 90s were a haze, now everything’s ablaze 

Budgies and Banjos
Rachel got her first guitar at 7 years old 
with her head between the speakers, she would sing, 
‘I’m the only Goth in Reading’ and the band names she was spreading
changed from Slowburn into Slowdive - well it had a better ring.

Bob and Beats
A video in the Warehouse 
of a Slowdive in The Dreamhouse
Budgie’s drum fill makes Bob’s Day.
Siouxsie’s portrait très Risqué. 

Respect: Angelo Badalamenti - ‘Floating Into The Night’ (March 22 1937 - December 11 2022)


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