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Olivia V: All Things Nice ‘N Sleazy!

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie talk to: Olivia V of Indie Sleaze

Episode Notes

Dedicated to: Pete Shelley (17 April 1955 – 6 December 2018)
Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve?)

The Curated '90s gave way to a Rebirth of Internet Rock ‘n Roll - Myspace and Tumblr. 
Is Indie Sleaze a way of being performance-based with serious Gusto!?

Live Energy. DIY bands. Punk Revisited. 
When an Online blog with Trashy Aesthetics were Off the wall.

Olivia's mum and Budgie come from Liverpool!
Olivia Comes of Age in Toronto 2000 when Pot Heads Rule! 
Olivia’s Progress - University, Running a Radio show, Into Band Culture. 
A Pandemic Playlist. And VOILA! The Idea for Indie Sleaze – Magically appears and No Pot!
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, on the TV and on the radio, Justice is Huge.
First it was Landfill, then Euro-Trash, then Indie sleaze. 
Music, Fashion, and Culture – What more could you Want?

Uber Sleaze FB Group. Sounds like 1970 - 1980’s NYC that Budgie and Lol Loved.
An Archive and Influence Source for Now Bands. 
A Vibrant Internet Community following where Brit-Pop DIY ethics Led - Just like Punk!!
Indie Sleaze, the New Punk Thrift, Stop of cool! Creativity without Restriction Rules! 

Smashing The Glass ceiling for Female artists. 
When Karen O said ‘No’ to things she didn't feel comfortable with, it propelled her forward positively. Music is still the Lingua Franca between us all.

Another Music in a Different Kitchen!


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