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Nick Launay Pt. 2: Tricks of the Trade & 3 Corners of the Planet

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie continue their talk with super producer Nick Launay about “Tricks of the Trade & 3 Corners of the Planet”

Episode Notes

It was The Birthday Party’s 1st London gig 
When Budgie gate-crashed their dressing room 
The party was a witty one from midnight ‘til Dawn
Melting in the daylight at 7am, all bright and scrubbed.

Editing for K-Tel specials,
Nick fearlessly edits the multi-track vertically AND horizontally!
Lol bought ‘The Lamb’, with a scratch that jumped in time - A miracle!

Budgie feels the spirit of ‘76 with The Chats’ Smoko,
& Amyl and the Sniffers - Listen to the Big Bass Drum 
Lolly T and Mickey D went for Lunch in NYC 
Their Taxi driver played only hip-hop 
When The Cure came on the radio the guitars made his jaw drop!

Nick was 21 on The Dreaming with Kate Bush 
Her sonic landscape was like The Banshees and PIL
Lol never played to a click track – only to Robert’s voice 
Back when drummers kept the time!

Nick’s big plans lead to ‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6 
Working with Anna Calvi, 
Who Budgie helped make smile again.
After Anna had destroyed her dressing room! 

And when Lol felt The Cure played a peaky-blinder of a gig,
Robert hated it and vice versa.
“That’s The Drummers Dilemma” says Budgie 
With IEM’s Lol heard Simon for the time ever! 

The Banshees and Mötörhead shared crews and gear
We all loved Lemmy - Budgie and Phil-thy ‘Animal’ Taylor
Were drummers in dance tights
We’re happy we survived – and we’re not done yet!
Iggy P., and Anna C., you heard it here first …

Percy Edwards – Ornithologist (June 1, 1908 – June 7, 1996)
Animal Sounds on The Dreaming


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