Curious Creatures

Miles and MGT Pt. 2: Drinking and Food

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie continue their conversation with: Miles Hunt (The Wonder Stuff) and MGT (Peter Murphy, The Mission, Tricky, etc.)

Episode Notes

The Menu:

Hors d’Ouvre:
Maestro Chef - John McGeoch
Great Guitarist’s Sleight of Hand Baffles Copyists!
Soup and Champers - The Ultimate Hangover Cure (see also Haggis etc)
Roadside Snack - Currywurst and Scotch Eggs!
Lol in Graceland - Everything is Elvis Crazy ‘cept the Kitchen aka The Church  

Graceland is Small - The Plane Lisa Marie is Small - Was Elvis Myopic?  
One Pre-Show Drink - Could a Great Gig Make!  
Robert Smith - Does His Onstage Drinks Routine Reveal an OCD?

Lol Wonders if His Laundry is Done - Investigating Sylvia Plath’s College.  
MGT Recalls Nottingham Rock City - Budgie Recalls the Angels’ Harley Davidsons.  
Pearl gets support with a Fever of 105F.  

Is Beer Bad for Singers?  
The Secret Screen and Bucket? No, it’s not a Pub.  
Budgie recalls Rick Wakeman’s Curry in a Hurry and Siouxsie in his Bass Drum – Nice  
MGT remembers The Mission’s behind the Amps Bucket Routine.  

Pregnant Pause - The name of MGTs next band.  
Budgie - Back on The Road Again.  
Andy’s London Guitar Store.  
Bob and The Woolworth pick-ups  

Do a Runner:
Nah? Really?  
Punk or Wot?