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Miki Berenyi Pt. 3: Drugs are Bad? - The Paraphernalia of Professionals

Episode Summary

In this Episode part 3 of Lol and Budgie's conversation with the divine Miki Berenyi.

Episode Notes

The first time may be exciting, but it sucks the life out of everything.
It's the druggist’s dilemma - missing stuff when young 
Lush stopped and Everything changed
It's good the world changed too. 

Early 90’s Game Changers 
Life without a safety net, no gold watch
Lol found his Inner Chuck Berry in South America 
Miki Liked that and Budgie’s drumming
The Cure and The Banshees emerged from an Innocent Time 

Gilbert and George v Lol and Budgie
Drinking with The Wankers at 5am
From Whitechapel to Soho
Brit Pop was a marketing construct.

Elastica’s difficult 2nd album took them to France  
Siouxsie and Budgie’s house for inspirational tea
There should be a Book – Book Events are Cool 
People always ask the question that isn't a question 

Miki wasn't part of any club's elite
Who’d want to be a member of the club that would have us as a member? 
Miki felt humiliated amongst the paraphernalia of professional drug takers 
Miki was not good with drugs – a weeping-jello-mess-in-crisis in the corner 
Lol backed off from it – a blessing in disguise.

Drugs took away a lot of personalities, all looking for a good time 
Peer Pressure - You’re either built for it or you’re not. 
The High was a Low on so many levels 
Blimey! - We could talk forever! 
Did Budgie inhale? 

Respect: Nico – (1938 – 1988) ‘Chelsea Girl’

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