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Miki Berenyi Pt. 2: Bon Jovi on Tour or What?!

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie continue their conversation with the divine Miki Berenyi

Episode Notes

Miki as Unsettled global traveller
Miki as Chameleon in retreat 
Miki and band as family

What the industry wants, the public gets.

Miki angered by press with no vision for female fronted bands
For the lack of imagination to talk to a band with interesting corners 
Britop was a return to the bad of the 70’s with image and marketing dictating   

TOTP and the flashing neon Siouxsie sign 

Lol went off the rails at 22 
The Cure should have taken a break 
Delivering product can destroy a band
The Brits love you then hate you, 
the USA loves you, then loves you again.

The Press Conspire!
The Cure and Miki in LA for MTV
Bands had to fight for the right to be on a UK stage 
In the USA they were simply loved and welcomed.


Music in America professional and respectable.
Butthole surfers wanted Banshees’ Butter in their trailer 
Banshees witness others on a traveling circus tour – Mad but Brilliant! 
Miki says the whole shebang was like a Bon Jovi tour.

Miki’s Admirable traits Revealed
Festivals - a recipe for disaster  
Miki felt weird - like endless days in an Amusement Park
Nine weeks of touring - Connections went missing 


Respect: Nina Simone – (1933 – 2003)


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