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Miki Berenyi Pt. 1: Miss being in a band? Loved it but Nah!

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie talk to the adorable Miki Berenyi

Episode Notes

Miki and Budgie met a long time ago – was it after a Curve show?
Miki with Red hair, Budgie with blonde they were a good Match!
Struck up many enlightening conversations!!
The lost evenings with Donald - hairdresser to the stars.

Budgie drank in Heaven (Underneath the Arches) 
Picked up a date but didn’t realise it, 
Not green, but pleasant, especially after a few Manhattans!
We were all young then! Emotional Babies!

Budgie and Lol love Miki’s Memoir! 
Honest and Authentic - which it’s hard to Be. 
Miki and Lol shared the same streets of London but never met.
We walked everywhere - no phones - no way to contact 
Like a homing pigeon Budgie always found his way home 
Miki followed the tube stations - Roaming with Emma but no walkie-talkie in 5 years! 

Complex Band relationships suffer from outside pressure and from people with chisels. 
Lol empathises 100 % Miki’s experience with Emma - as his with Robert.  
Will we all ever speak again? Is Morrissey bitter? 
Many memoirs end with courtroom drama. 
Malcom was a rotter says Lydon. Morrissey needs an editor says Lol! 
That’s a complement says Miki – it’s a proper Mills & Boon.  

Miki haunted by Mike Hedges’ old house in France. 
Lol recalls a depressing Disintegration. 
But Pool table respite with Simon and the funny cue ball.  
Lol loved Miraval. The Slits loved being looked after at Ridge Farm Studios. 
Budgie met Viv again at a Berlin book festival - they had cake and tea and grown-up conversations. 

Miki is happy she had the band but happier in her new job - she’s had the best of both worlds. 
Lol wanted to be present for his son and so no touring thru’ his teens. 
We love writing as much as making music - Lol ran away at the destruction of the band. 
He came to America and America saved him.

‘God Bless America’ – Irving Berlin. (1888 – 1989) 

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