Curious Creatures

Michael Dempsy : Recollections of An Imaginary Boy

Episode Summary

Michael Dempsey (The Cure) joins Lol and Budgie to talk about their shared experiences from the inception of The Cure forward.

Episode Notes

Lol and Budgie are joined by Michael Dempsey, the third founding member of The Cure. Lol and Budgie discover that Michael really dug Lol’s hairdo. They find out they were both misfits of no fixed abode in a progressive In-a-Gadda da-Vida” where “Electric Warriors” congregated against the miasma of Apathy. Michael notes that not being able to play is a singular benefit. They had chips and beer, and watched the Banshees from the wings which is where they learned their stagecraft. Budgie talks about his love for the Cure’s Strange screens on stage during Carnage Visors and Faith (meet the Pink floyd of the new wave) For more info about topics discussed by Lol, Budgie and Michael in this week’s episode, visit us online at Socials: Website: Facebook: @CuriousCreaturesOfficial Twitter: @curecreatures Instagram: @CuriousCreaturesOfficial Lol Tolhurst: Facebook: @officialloltolhurst Twitter: @LolTolhurst Instagram: @lol.tolhurst Budgie: Facebook: @budgieofficial Twitter: @TuWhit2whoo Instagram: @budgie646

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