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Meg Myers Pt. 2: Manifesting - Liberation for Your Soul!

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie revel in Manifesting - Liberation for Your Soul! with Meg Myers!

Episode Notes

Manifesting - Liberation for Your Soul!
Changing is Challenging - Crazy and Uncomfortable 
Letting go of everything - Accelerate the Spiritual 
Meg finds less companionship – and a big shift in people’s attitudes
Finding a better way – with People that heal
Budgie experiences healing - Negating Negativity 
As we get better, better things happen 

Lol is Awake - Right Now!
Meg stops to smell the flowers
Discovers the new in familiar places to find inspiration 
Don’t force it - Don’t plan it
‘Hell is other people.’ said Sartre 
The Volcanoes of Hawaii tempted The Creatures to Feast!

Dogs are Wizards - Cats are Bosses!
Preparing to tour - Sad to leave the cats
Safe and comfortable on stage  
Things get Manifested when you’re Connected 
In Sound and Vision Meg feels Fully Realised.

Lol and Budgie - Keeping it Together! 
Time to Explore - Madeira Cake - Port - Bananas - Biblical 
Creativity comes when it wants to be Created 
Hair as Prayer – Lol’s dream of a Mohawk on the Astral plane 
Meditating - Downloads and Alignment 
Meg’s Dreams are her Guides!

Respect: Simone de Beauvoir (9 January 1908 – 14 April 1986) "The Second Sex - 1949"


Check out Meg On Tour - April 17th thru’ May 24th 

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