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Meg Myers Pt. 1: I Am Not The Body

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie get cozy with Meg Myers, to whom Budgie is Tickled Pink to introduce you - we are entranced, spellbound.

Episode Notes

I am Not the Body.
Meg found ‘Running up That Hill’ after 2nd album tour burn-out 
had an Overwhelming realization - that the Universe had her back 
36 years surviving dissociation from her body 
the change is that the challenge is now happening for her, not to her
No more people pleasing – an Evolution into a Safer space
an epiphany of self-realization. 

One Universe of Expression.  
Shutting out the opinions and expectation of others 
Difficult, intense, magical time leading to greater wisdom
Removing the armour of invention 
Tiny deaths brought release and growth 

The Id not The Ego
Released from the toxicity and trauma of childhood
Meg finds new expression of self and spirit through music 
Resisting all outside intrusions to take time to Create a safe channel.

Open to Greater Wisdom
‘When there is no me, there is more authenticity.’
Meg’s process of Evolution? - Hacking the System!
a major perspective shift, an all-knowing Higher self 
Nothing to be done and Everything will be done. 
Hmmm…. Exactly!


Respect: Sister Rosetta Tharpe (March 20, 1915 – October 9, 1973)
"Strange Things Happening Every Day"

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