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Kevin Haskins Pt. 2: Follow Your Inner Moonlight; Don't Hide the Madness

Episode Summary

In this episode Lol and Budgie continue their conversation with Kevin Haskins.

Episode Notes

We Start a band and Lose Ourselves - Relationships, Boundaries and Rights - Give us a Different Manner - Pictures of us as Babies - Physical Reaction to Mental Pains - The Roles we take that Change Us. The Internet let Budgie recall His 120 mins of Silence The better He Looked - The worse He felt Inside - South America 1995 - Budgie At the top of his Endgame.


We see ourselves yet not recognize ourselves - See the Reality yet doubt its Truth! We were different people. Recognition of the Places we Came from - Equality Changes Perception. Lol Free of the Angst of the Past - The Truth will Set you Free - The Audience is Listening and Knows!

A Sheltered Life for Kevin - Fun being in the Gang - We’ll show them - When the band Stopped it was a Bolt from the Blue for Kevin - the Band defines you. We were all Court Jesters - Lol found the Spotlight became Destructive - The Court Jester becomes The Scapegoat - When you drive Out the Scapegoat - the Problems Remain.

We were rooting for Piggy in Lord of the Flies - King Lear and The Fool - Yin and Yang? A life out of Balance – ‘Les Enfants Terrible’ - Jean Cocteau - Budgie as Bomb Disposal Specialist - Lol as The Minister keeping it Together - We are The Mental Family!

Kevin as Peacekeeper - Feels Memoir will set him Free - Writing it down is the Best Thing - Life’s not Just the journey it’s the Trip Man! Kevin as Film Composer - Fantastic stuff!

Dedicated to: Irwin Allen Ginsberg
(3 June 1926 – 5 April 1997) 

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