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Kele Okereke Pt. 1: The Traveling Circus of Sublimated Ego

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie go Deeper than Deep with Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke and The Traveling Circus of Sublimated Ego.

Episode Notes

Concentric Circles of Life and the Nightmare of Brexit
Kele from London via Edinburgh and Liverpool 
Budgie in France, London and Berlin
Lol in the USA for 25 years
Old UK market towns when the pubs are closed 
Would anyone want a return to 70’s England?

Out of Brussels - Nefarious reasons?
Strawberries full of chemicals? 
Capitalism - Free labour?
Big Agri eats labour 

Children pick berries - Human nature stagnates 
Automation stealing jobs - packing our bags
Armed response in Beverly Hills 
Belfast’s most bombed hotel - we’re all in the Bar
Hands up! 

Berlin still an island with lots of space 
Kele, Lol and Budgie went to Catholic school 
Altar boys all, singing magi and Latin
Teenagers rebelling against Catholic guilt 
40 years later we have hopefully matured 

Not normal to sublimate the ego in your 20’s
That’s what it takes for a band to work 
A Catch 22 – Few bands remain as first formed 
If only The Cure had taken a break from the 4th album …
A recipe for disaster - everyone loves a rock star, 
staring into the abyss.

Respect: Joseph Heller (May 1st 1923 – December 12 1999)

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