Curious Creatures

Kate Schellenbach Pt. 2: Los Angeles

Episode Summary

Lol and Budgie continue their conversation with Kate Schellenbach.

Episode Notes

Kate comes to LA. We learn the drummers are driving the ship. Holistically in control of everything! Like Lol, Kate got her DL in California. NYC is okay when you're young but it's hard. Kate started to work in TV. Never thought she would end up in LA. You have to be open and willing to take risks. LA is a small town masquerading as a big city where you can wear big boots and coats even when you don't need too. Beach Goths! Kate and Lol discuss the Thomas guide and getting around LA in 20 mins. Kate knows about the knowledge! She did the artists way (like us) fell in love with someone in LA  and ended up working with Ellen DeGeneres after an LA lunch! Even despite her NYC  parking anxiety. Now she produces talk shows. Budgie asks Kate to critique us. We are walking the fine line and flowing - phew! Thanks for holding our hands, you cheeky thing! Drums are our communication. Telling the story. Never plain vanilla, we had a different approach. 


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