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Julianne Regan Pt. 2: Dharma Transmission – Nothing Curated

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie talk with Julianne Regan, All About – “Dharma Transmission – Nothing Curated”

Episode Notes

When Life was bad - only music will save 
Lol & Robert see the Stranglers together 
Worship at the thrones of Tama and Zildjian
Lols first kit - took years to buy! 
Budgie’s first kit has a facelift for Cut 

Meet the creme de la creme of Liverpool misfits
Hansa signed The Cure for the way they looked  
Julianne is transformed when playing live 
Budgie loves talking to the audience - offstage
Lol prefers a big crowd – not the whites of their eyes

Julianne liked the fragrance of pipe tobacco 
But smoke never touched her vocal cords
Budgie aspired to Sobranie Black Russian
Lol smoked Capstan on the school bus upstairs  

Lol didn’t love his 50’s but loves his 60’s 
Nothing really matters is our maxim today 
Budgie is simplifying with no second guessing 
We accept each moment as our third act commences

Native American drums in Yosemite’s wilderness
Slowing the dynamo, we go with the flow 
Try not to miss those magical moments 
Sweet Love transcends All


Respect: Jet Black - ‘Golden Brown, Grip & Peaches’ (26 August 1938 – 6 December 2022)


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