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Julianne Regan Pt. 1: Eve, Chaucer and the Wife of Bath

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie talk with Julianne Regan All About – Eve, Chaucer and the Wife of Bath

Episode Notes

Julianne and Budgie in Making Music Mag.
No Makeup - No Instruments - No Agenda 
Disco 45 Mag was Lol’s fave Cure cover 
Song-Words Mag was Budgie’s 10p bible  
Glossy Crawley Colour - Grim Black & White up North 
Streets of gold or fairy slides in Glass walls? 

18 with Permed hair - Elvis Presley or Tony Curtis? 
Lol was in Thin Lizzy with his Blue Velvet Jacket and Jeans? Yeah!!
Julianne adopted Bowie’s ‘Low’, hair colour 
Budgie, Bleach and Booze at Sorbie’s Salon
All cats now greying, with blonde highlights

Running Up That Hill, (we made a deal with God to reach this age!)
Faust and Amon Düül Rule!!
Julianne was Shy and chose The Bass 
Gene Loves Jezebel loved Julianne and her bass 
Julianne loved The Beatles harmonies 
Neil Young and David Cassidy and Prog Rock
But Kate Bush was her Icon 

The Miller’s tale and The Saucy Wife of Bath  
Steeleye Span’s Now We Are 6
Ian Anderson’s Old Coat, one leg, and a Flute
Jethro Tull, was THE loudest band Julianne had ever heard.
We, hiding the Genesis ‘Lamb’ and ‘Selling England’ when punk happened! 
Charlie Watts was Lol’s bestest neighbour in Devon 

Julianne listened to some obscure bands like, 
The Cure, Siouxsie and The Banshees and Cocteau Twins 
And also, ‘And Also The Trees’ (now we know who they are 🙂) 
We all loved John McGeoch’s virtuoso brilliance – we still do.
Rum Runner and Barbarella’s Clubs Birmingham, England 
The ‘Windrush generation and a boiling point of Thatcher’s rule. 
Terry Hall and growing up in Violent times.

Respect: Terry Hall - ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’ (19 March 1959 – 18 December 2022)


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