Curious Creatures

Joan As Police Woman: Life and Loss and Passion

Episode Summary

In this episode Lol and Budgie talk to Joan Wasser aka Joan As Police Woman.

Episode Notes

Dedicated to: Tony Allen (20 July 1940 – 30 April 2020)
Fela Kuti / Afro Beat & Afro Funk

In this episode Lol and Budgie talk to: Joan Wasser

Joan as Violinist with a White Mohawk / Joan as The Driver in a V8 Ford Mustang

Joan and Budgie as Cyclists in their Cities / Lol & Budgie responsible for the Melancholy

Lol, Robert & Michael as Burglars in their school music room to make some noise!

The Cure had a Box of Words almost Lost in A Fire. (In Cairo?)

Joan with John Cale / Nico / Laurie Anderson / Cocteau Twins and The Velvet Underground

Writing for Whitney Houston / Channeling David Bowie with Tony Allen

Joan Reveals the Process and Depth of Emotion in Live Performance

Overcoming Fear, Anger and Angst / Joan as Changeling / Did we get that Currywurst?

Joan As Police Woman
‘The Solution Is Restless ‘ (New Album with Tony Allen & Dave Okumu)
“How do you like it, how do you like it, how do you like it?”


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