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Jennifer Otter Bickerdike Pt. 2: Down At The Glue Factory!

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie continue their conversation with Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike (Our Roots Rock Reggae Confidante) with whom we discuss – (amongst many other wonderful things)...Down At The Glue Factory!

Episode Notes

Lol and Budgie Join Hands in 1979
40 Years Beyond Music = The Mystique of Creating Culture 
Two Drummers Drumming = Our Mutual Bond
A Gang of Starving Artists = Salt Scrub Therapy? 
Books and Records = Earth and Identity

Art and Money - Bad in Bed? 
Music as Religion and Revolution 
Budgie meets Francis Bacon in Harrods & Lucien Freud in NY?
Another Green World just two beats away.
Jen has a Sylvia Plath Pen and Ink
(And we don’t mean a Cockney Stink)

What If?
Jimi Hendrix outlived Club 27 
The Grave of Jim Morrison had no Graffiti
Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir never met  
WW2 never happened and The Berlin wall never existed 

Why We Need.
Brass plaques for Berlin’s Murdered Jews 
Thoughts of Our Fathers and how Europe changed.
The Ability to Create from Nothing
Kathryn Mannix and a Preparation for Dying.

Is It Ever Enough? 
Budgie tried to leave music - but music wouldn’t let go! 
30 years of Reinventing Ourselves 
The Cult of Lol, The Cult of Lol, The Cult of Lol (‘tis a mighty fine thang thrice!)
We knew Jen would make a Groovy Episode!

In love with - ‘I’m Sticking with You’ – The Velvet Underground - 1969


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