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Ilan Rubin Pt. 2: Non-Dancing-Dancing – It’s The Music Not The Place!

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie continue their conversation with Ilan Rubin all about Non-Dancing-Dancing – It’s the Music not the Place!

Episode Notes

Lol’s Spare HoF Statuette  
The NIN drum throne came free again
Beck’s groovy tune was keeping us sane! 
The Youngest to be in the Hall of Fame
Says, ‘Two or Two Hundred the Energy’s the same’
Bob needed convincing and nothing less 
Lol asked Trent and Trent said Yes!

If we didn’t do Top of The Pops someone awful would. 
Did Talvin see Budgie play an Electronic Marimba?
Ilan is a Musician and Drums his first love 
The Rhythm of Music and the Energy of Life!

More About Drums and Food!
Guitarists and singers may minimize the drums 
but a good drummer is the making of most bands 
Rhythm and Voice are what most people get.
Budgie drummed melodies and chords on the Kit

But We Do Dig Guitarists Man!
The Violin out-foxed Ilan – too strenuous to learn. 
No woodwind or Brass but now he plays the clarinet!
Budgie left France for Berlin because Toby Dammit’s shoes sounded good.
Ten Years After, and Berlin’s still, Grotty, Grimy and Grizzly 

Los Angeles is Super-efficient 
Between tours it’s cool - Before tours it’s cool – After tours it’s cool!
Lol didn’t plan to live in LA - he found Love and Acceptance 
Los Angeles is Lol’s Home Sweet Home
Budgie thought LA would be his too? 

SIR – Into The Valley!
Indicators out of Sync? - Drummers needing Therapy?
Taiko and Dancing? - Lol 3rd Act Lessons? 
Budgie and Leo’s O’Daiko? - Let the Sticks do the Talking?
Lol and Budgie want Roland Taikos to Dance with – Non-Dancing-Dancing! 


Respect: Alvin Lee (1944 – 2013) ‘Ten Years After’

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