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Ilan Rubin Pt. 1: Terror in The IEMS - NIN and Beyond!

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie talk to Nine Inch Nails/Angels & Airwaves drummer Ilan Rubin about Terror in The IEMS - NIN and Beyond!

Episode Notes

When not on tour Ilan is at his mixing desk
No exercise for young Lol - now he loves the gym 
The Cure main man does not - (Unless he pumps at night)
Lol was a man of extremes - Smoking was his hardest stop 
Budgie sent a taxi for his ciggies - and sometimes ate a Porky-Pie 
(Or was that his drum co.?) No gaffe tape on Budgie’s drums

Budgie and Lol hear their twisted addled brains 
Will Budgie live in Lols garage?
Jimmy Page told Pearl he’s too friggin’ loud! 
Budgie and the tricks of The Creatures

Russian Dragon?
Illan relives the Moment of Terror when his IEMs fell out.
It’s time to change when Smoke and Mirrors obscure all
Ilan’s drum kit disappears in smoke – where does he go? 
Smoke and strobes transport Ilan.

Drummers Corner:  
Ilan is right handed but he plays the hi-hat leftie 
Reggae showed Budgie a different drum style 

Titilating Titbits:
Ilan loves Stewart Copeland’s mix of rock and reggae
Lol plays to the voices in his head
Budgie only sings when the extractor fan is in his key. 
Ilans toothbrush goes from major to minor.
Doesn’t Yours? 

Respect: Jaki Liebezeit (26 May 1938– 22 January 2017) CAN

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