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Fog, Fairgrounds and Infamy!

Episode Summary

Lol and Budgie talk about growing up in the first Bonus Episode of Season 2: Fog, Fairgrounds and Infamy

Episode Notes

Strangers visiting were a different breed, an assault on our sensibilities. The people were real. It was candy, floss, toffee apples, and diesel. No internet, so no real connections/Lol had the library books and records, to develop a sense of discovery. Make a band and travel the world. Minor eccentrics would visit the workshop of humanity. A selection of institutional people that we interacted with. Mass murders at the fair? Extraordinary experiences then to the local pub. Lol had his ear pierced at sixteen, a rite of passage, bottles of cider in the park or on the couch. Budgie liked the waltzer. And the green caterpillar. Childhood images. Lol loved the ghost train too, banging doors.

Tales of the unknown. Peepshow Budgie recording the secret carousel, thrills of the unknown

Monsters under the bed and the hot water heater - Yikes! Country Road at night with fog is not scary. The old fighter pilot was buzzing about on a motorcycle. Run lads! Mists and tree lamps are melancholy, not frightening. Misty moors Dickens' Great Expectations and The Hound of the Baskervilles. Crucifix Lane, the London hospital, and Peter Sutcliffe and Dennis Nilsen OMG !!! Screaming and police whistles and tall black shadows with a cape. Isle of dogs and Melrose Avenue.

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