Curious Creatures

Fashion Faux Pas

Episode Summary

Homemade buttons, Clash jackets and Corkscrew hair.

Episode Notes

1970s why Punk just had to be! Everything was flared! I ain't no square with my corkscrew hair Trex Bryan Ferry and Jelly sandals! #1 and #2 Crop. Two partings, Find yer gang!  Lol reveals he might have bought the bondage strides Pete Burns actually had a pair of Bondage strides and Paul Rutherford was very jealous.  Homemade buttons (badges) Clash jacket made Lol get some slogan on his clothes.  Budgie and Lol loved the Holey MOHAIR JUMPERS.  YES YES YES! Cold little Punkies!  Lol thinks Creepers rule and Budgie lived in his DMs too.

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