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Double Elvis Presents: BADLANDS Season 3: Hollywoodland (Trailer)

Episode Summary

BADLANDS Season 3: Hollywoodland premieres on February 16.

Episode Notes

Which silver screen superstar honed his comedic chops behind bars while doing time for slinging cocaine? Which movie mogul's home in the Hollywood hills played host to one of the most heinous and notorious crimes of the 1970s? And how did ONE movie franchise supposedly curse FOUR different actors, leading them each to an early grave?


Hear the unbelievable but true stories behind these questions and more in BADLANDS Season 3: Hollywoodland.

BADLANDS is a true-crime anthology podcast from Jake Brennan, creator and host of the award-winning music and true crime podcast DISGRACELAND.

BADLANDS Season 3: Hollywoodland is all about the dirty deeds of Tinseltown A-listers whose crimes and career lows were as unbelievable as some of their films' plot twists. Beginning February 16th, listen each week for wild stories about Robert Downey Jr., Gianni Versace, Sal Mineo, Tim Allen, Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Brittany Murphy, the Poltergeist Curse, Robert Mitchum, and Elizabeth Short a/k/a The Black Dahlia.

Follow BADLANDS on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Wondery+, or wherever you get your podcasts. BADLANDS Season 3: Hollywoodland premieres February 16th with new episodes available every Wednesday. Or, beginning February 16th, you can binge the whole season of 10 episodes on Amazon Music.