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1977: The Man Who Fell to Earth - David Bowie - Low

Episode Summary

Lol and Budgie continue their conversation about pivotal albums with David Bowie's Low.

Episode Notes

And how it was that….
Lol didn’t revere HIM until Low.
How HE was L’Homme Existential with the Hennaed hair .
Budgie remembers HIM making the duffel coat cool. 
HIS music and lyrics.
HIS harmonica on Low returns on Blackstar.

‘What In The World’…
Briny Eggs Wrapped in Offal downed with Halves of Beer down the pub!
(To be said very fast after drinking a yard of ale)

the Glam drummer from the Spiders and Woody Woodmansey’s U-Boat 
Panic in Detroit and Rebel Rebel, Sowing the Seeds of Punk.  
Glam rock it wasn’t just the Visuals 

‘and Vision’…
Budgie is reading Paul Morley’s Bible - The Age of Bowie.
1977 Bowie appears on Marc Bolan’s TV show. Bolan is still in Glam rags - HE has moved on
HE had reinvented himself - a pivotal point - Lol could understand HIM now
Bowie was accepted by the Punks and the New Romantics - HE synthesises Society and Culture 

‘Always Crashing in The Same Car’…
Budgies deems Nick Lowe’s spoof of Low - Unfunny!
Tony Visconti on The Secret Setting of the Eventide Harmonizer 
and the LOW snare drum sound, “it fucks with the fabric of time!”
Bowie’s drum sticks handed over from Dennis Davis to Sterling Campbell 
LOW arrives as Lol and Budgie begin. Influenced by its tangents. WE never tire of listening to LOW. 
LOW gave us permission – LOW stated there are no rules!

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