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Fearlessness & Fear: Boys Don't Cry

Episode Summary

Welcome to the First Episode of Season 2 in which Lol and Budgie talk about Boys Don't Cry.

Episode Notes

The Cure’s first album, Three Imaginary Boys, released in 1979, was made into a compilation called Boys Don’t Cry for the American market in 1980.

Welcome to a slightly different format of Curious Creatures, in which Lol and Budgie discuss a specific topic in more detail.

In this first episode, Lol talks about Boys Don’t Cry and Cure manager Chris Parry’s penchant for not wearing socks, a naked drum sound, or playing the drums naked? Was it The Jam’s kit, or was it XTC’s?

Being Fearless and Full of Fear. Red light fever, two hands are faster than one!
The urgency of accuracy and the importance of serendipity in creativity.
And finally, for the secret of Fire in Cairo - Tune in on Tuesday!!


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