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Bonus Episode: Lol and Budgie Talk To Harold Selves!

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie talk to Harold Selves! With whom, we discuss: BEING RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! 

Episode Notes

BEING RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! – (What it was like, what happened and what it’s like now.)
Budgie discovered the Chill Out Zone with Ben Juno Reactor.
Lol discovered his Brave New World post Cure.
How our Rolls have Changed. 

We simply have to have all the GEAR!! 
Football – Squash – Motorcycles or Bowling – We Have to have the Correct Shoes!
Lol went Skiing, (Skiing not Surfing) Budgie played Golf.

Drumming is like riding a bicycle once you learn you never forget. 
Life Changed and Drums came to The Rescue.
Lol went back on the road with his book Cured – Just like the Old days.
Hung out with Run DMC in New Orleans. 

We meet Again – 30 Years Later to make Music.
“The Power of Love” thank you Holly Johnson.
We must love ourselves to receive love. 
What about our old Dysfunctional Families  – The Cure and The Banshees.
Are we Historical or Histrionic?

Together we have made Beautiful Music – Sweet, Sweet Music
Budgie is writing a Memoir and touring Europe with Hercules and Love Affair.
Lol has a new Book and together – We plan to Tour and have Lots of FUN! 

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