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Avey Tare Pt. 2: Nothing Lasts Forever - We Can’t Really Hold On To Anything

Episode Summary

In this Episode Lol and Budgie get back to their roots with part 2 of their conversation with Avey Tare where Nothing Lasts Forever - We Can’t Really Hold On To Anything.

Episode Notes

Invisible Darlings - Fast piano  
Harpsichord music - Gregorian chant  
Pioneer days - with the Avant Garde 
We needed friends - Americans are friendly! 

Sleep? luxury - no sleep ‘til Hammersmith! 
Steak and Shake lady - Rambling about Lions 
Daniel’s den - Puts him in a better mood 

Lol and Budgie - protected from the banter  
Years of drumming makes hearing sparse! 
Four sevens Clash! - We’re all numerologists  
Playing each other’s instruments - in search of a tune  

Hawkwind’s Silver Machine and 7 by 7  
Lol & Budgie loved “In Search of Space” 
Dik-Mik & Lemmy - hippies and punks 
Damn Skippy – A Darker psychedelia

Being open to change - Animal Collective’s philosophy  
Grow and move on - Nothing lasts  
David curious about creative Psychedelics - was Pornography Psychedelic? 
Challenging times - But Lol’s favourite Cure album

Budgie in a Camden Dreamhouse - Dinner in a Greek restaurant 
The Cure as a psychedelic punk band. 
Trout Mask Replica - Strange Days from The Doors
Robert sings backwards at 4 am  

Music’s a trip!

Respect: Lemmy Kilmister (24 December 1945 – 28 December 2015)

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